15 online tools to create evaluations, exams, surveys …

We invite you to review 15 tools available on the internet, so that you can expand your resources in the creation of evaluation instruments and have more time to carry out all the administrative tasks, typical of the beginning of a new school period.

Learningpod –  is an online test bench with more than 48,000 questions. Teachers can remix, yield, and print tests for their students.

Proprofs:  its free version offers to create an unlimited set of contests, surveys and questions. The paid version also offers student tracking, privacy settings, and others.

ExamTime:  provides job tools to help you study.

Socrative:  The well-known Socrative is a “smart” student response system that allows teachers to engage their students through a series of educational games and exercises using smartphones and tablets. It works both with an app or in any web browser.

Google Forms:  the well-known surveys can even be “auto” – adding in the “if” itself in the underlying spreadsheet. Google Forms allows you to create many different types of questions, it automatically collects user names and results, and then sends the data to a spreadsheet. If you use the tool called Flubaroo it is even easier to rate them. Google forms also has many public templates with some tests that have already been done, which can be used and modified.

Questbase –  Allows you to create quizzes, tests, assessments, or get survey and poll feedback, free of charge.

Thatquiz:  is a free non-commercial resource for teachers and students. The interface allows you to do your own tests to work or review any topic. In multiple languages.

Testmoz:  With this tool you can generate automatically graded online tests with types of 4 questions. There is no need to register to create tests.

Polleverywhere –  for classrooms of 30 or less it’s free and unlimited. Especially interesting for polls that promote opinion and understanding. The results can be embedded in a web page and the update is in real time. Responses can be sent via text message, or Twitter.

With  mqlicker  you can turn any networked device into an easy tool to allow students to respond. It has good support for smartphones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Kindle.

With  onlinequizcreator  you can generate an exam or assessment in less than five minutes.

Gnowledge – This  is a new free site designed for creating and conducting tests and exercises. Features include sharing tests and results with the social network, tracking progress, scoring an appropriate level test in a subject or grade.

Questionpro: They  have a free academic license. One of the most interesting aspects is that it allows for question branching, so depending on how a student answers a question, their “itinerary” may be different.

Surveyanyplace:  allows anyone to create mobile surveys and quizzes by getting students “hooked”. Here  you have an example.

Quibblo:  online questionnaires. You can also create surveys, polls, and personality tests. Very appropriate for blogs, Facebook or MySpace!

Mock Exams to Test Your Knowledge

GoConqr’s online test generator tool allows you to test your knowledge throughout your learning process:

First of all, before you start studying a subject you can test your knowledge about a subject of study.

Online test examsOnce the academic year has started, you will be able to monitor your level of assimilation of the topics studied to know which areas to reinforce and which ones you already master.

And finally, in the period before the exam you can use our online tests as an exam simulator. In this way you will be able to simulate an exam scenario in the most realistic way, getting used to answering a multiple choice exam, multiple choice questions or true or false style questions within a time limit and considering the weight assigned to each question.

On the other hand, if you prefer not to have to spend time creating online tests, GoConqr makes it easy for you to discover thousands of practice tests created by others or shared with you by classmates and teachers. In this way, you will save time while challenging yourself to get all the test answers right with questions posed from another point of view.

All this functionality helps you to review for the exams and we hope that also with your grades! So sign up now for free and see if it works for you.

How to Review for Exams

Reviewing for exams is difficult to master, but the important thing is to know what can be done. However, it takes effort, dedication, and time to make sure you cover all the areas that may come up on your exam. Here are some tips for test success.

Plan your studies

Planning is an essential component of reviewing to prepare for an exam. You may have the best study resources in the world; you’ve befriended the nerds in your class to access their notes, gotten hold of a chiropractic-approved desk, and ordered industrial quantities of energy drinks, but none of this is of any use if you don’t finally sit down and You spend time studying! Your brain needs time to process all the information it is absorbing. If you dream of an A or honors degree, and all the pride that comes with it, make sure you have a PLAN!

Tips for Preparing for Exams

Delve into the Key Issues

Students have it raw; The scope of the subject that goes into the exams is vast and a lot of material needs to be covered. For this reason, many students skip from topic to topic, only scratching the surface of each topic. It is much better that you take a topic and go as deep as possible into it. Put each topic in context, gain a good understanding of it, and only then move on to the next one.

Once you have done the same with the rest of the topics, you can compare and contrast them, and only then will you get a unique vision that will allow you to get more note. If you do this, it will not matter which question comes up on the exam because you can answer it. Not because you can bombard a list of dates, or remember a specific formula, but because you understand what they are asking you… there is a big difference.

Practice with Practice Tests

It’s a cliché, I know. But practice makes perfect. Before any exam you should familiarize yourself with the exam structure, the types of questions, the scoring system and how you will manage your time. The best way to prepare for this is by doing mock exams or practice exercises. Practice with individual questions or entire sections. Make sure you answer as well as possible.

The more familiar you are with the structure and style of the exam, the more your answers will improve. Once you feel comfortable, take a mock exam in a real exam setting – turn off the phone, don’t talk, time the test and be honest.

All this functionality helps you to review for the exams and we hope that also with your grades! So sign up now for free and see if it works for you.


The most original security videos

Because safety is not at odds with creativity, fasten your seat belts that we are going to have a good time.

Attention, emotion and memory are the three fundamental principles of neuromarketing , one more of the advertising resources that seeks to capture the customer’s attention through the emotional sphere.

But if we talk about an airplane, it can also be a better resource . That airlines have confused safety with seriousness for years is well known by Richard Branson , one of the pioneers in making neuromarketing work inside an airplane.

How? Well, scratching from where there was not to create an entertaining security video that someone finally paid attention to. Seen now, the video is not a big deal either, but it is true that it was the first time that a caricature of characters (not people) could be seen with a very punk vibe accompanied by a voiceover with a lot of recession: “ For the point zero zero zero one per cent of you who have never operated a seatbelt before, it works like this… ”.

There are many ways to capture the public’s attention, but one of them transcends even the will of the viewer. Virgin America knew, thanks to the success of its security video, that playing with emotions is the most valuable of advertising strategies, either through humor, surprise, joy, etc.

To do this, the airline enlisted the help of YouTube phenomenon Todrick Hall . It was 2013 and this video got so famous that it was worthy of an MTV award . After Virgin America, it seems that many airlines realized the importance of their demo videos, both for on-board safety and for recall capabilities. Goodness.

It may be Air New Zealand airline that most successful trying to bring humor to their safety videos and today everyone who has flown with them (and probably who not too), reminds many of the characters in The Lord of the Rings with its star, Elijah Wood, and director Peter Jackson giving safety instructions on board . They repeated the method, again, with the All Blacks, a “resource” that they have also used in the past (with their Men in Black Safety Defenders video )

In the new video , which premiered aboard all the company’s planes on August 1 , the members of the world’s most famous rugby team are not the only guest stars, as actor Rick Hoffman also appears. better known as the lawyer Louis Litt in Suits , playing a role traced to that of the American series.

The actor first visited New Zealand in 2017 and took to Twitter to praise the airline as “the most accommodating airline.” The biggest draw for Hoffman in participating in this video was “Air New Zealand’s reputation for safety videos; Air New Zealand is known for its safety videos, for being risky and creative. People want to see something fun on board and Air New Zealand always offers it to them, ”the author added in a statement sent by the airline. The rest of the passengers agree.

British Airways has been using the feature of having well- known British actors in their on-board safety videos for years, and judging by what comes next, it seems that it works.

The most recent of them all feature actors and actresses who have been winners of Oscars and various Baftas , but who, oh my god, had never appeared in any airline videos.

British Airways had to arrive for iconic stars such as Sir Michael Caine, Olivia Colman or Joanna Lumley to explain, or try, the different security measures to take on a plane, and do so under the watchful eye of comedian Asim Chaudhry , who tries to direct each of his movements.

That second parts were never good does not seem to affect the airline, since this new video is based on the success of the first installment, which featured characters like Gordon Ramsay, Sir Ian McKellen and Thandie Newton , who have been seen almost 25 million times .

The string of good reviews and comments suggests that the sequel is even better. Carolina Martinoli , director of brand and customer experience at British Airways, is clear: “ It’s great to release another star-studded flight safety video. The first was a huge success, making customers around the world laugh while helping them grasp those important safety messages before the flight. ”

The British case is also doubly creditable, as they not only put a very British note of humor on the safety on board, but also raise funds for a charity.

“Thanks to our generous clients and colleagues, we have raised over £ 19 million in the last eight years and we hope this video will help us further increase our total as we support great causes at home and around the world.”

Flying Start saw a 20% increase in donations to Comic Relief (a UK charity founded in 1985 by comic writer Richard Curtis in response to the Ethiopian famine) after the release of the first safety video. At the end of the video, it appears how the passenger can make their donation.

And if the British Airways video exudes that characteristic British humor, it is a genius to see Sir Michael Caine saying phrases like: “ if you want to help anyone else ”, in the case of Air France the video lives up to the image that everyone we have from France raising security to practically a catwalk, with the same advice that other airlines give, but told in a much more chic way, of course.

More than the production, stylish on all four sides, yes, it is the power of the message that is more in line with the brand. An elegant performance to the rhythm of ‘Warm in the winter’ by the American electronic duo Glass Candy , at Air France they are the only ones capable of suggesting that the seat belt is a great fashion accessory with an astonishing naturalness.

And we, believe it, of course, to later add that “a non-smoking flight is simply elegant . ” Live la France!

Games, apps and videos on road safety

A new way to promote safe mobility

Not all interactive materials are suitable for all children. Each age range has its interests and its way of learning. The games , apps and videos on road safety included in this section have been designed by experts in the field taking into account the needs of each age .

The objective is to teach in a very visual and participatory way safe behaviors in actions as basic as crossing the street, wearing a bicycle helmet, avoiding accidents at home, among others.

My driver education notebook

Riddles, cutouts or coloring pictures are just some of the activities included in this notebook, which teaches the little ones to know and respect road safety regulations.